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A healthy Damontre Moore could spark the pass rush

New York Giants' Damontre Moore blocks a punt

New York Giants' Damontre Moore blocks a punt by Pittsburgh Steelers' Drew Butler (9) in the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright) Credit: AP Photo Don Wright

The Giants’ pass rush is awful. How awful? There are 26 players in the league who have at least as many sacks as the Giants have as a team. And Sunday, despite talking all week about the need to hit Peyton Manning to make him uncomfortable, they were credited with only two hits and no sacks.

“We’re better than that, we’re better than that,” Coughlin said. “And when we do get there we have to get him in our grasp. We had two or three times the other day when we had the quarterback in our grasp and didn’t quite get it done.”

The Giants may have an answer for that, though. Damontre Moore was an electric player in his brief playing time in the preseason, but he missed almost a month of action with a shoulder contusion. Perhaps the third-round pick could help energize the group?

“There’s a novel thought,” Coughlin said when the suggestion was made in his press conference today. Clearly the Giants are thinking the same.

“Whoever is on our team is going to be in that position (to help),” Coughlin said. “Let’s have a good week of practice there, let’s make sure the kid is really ready to go, and then let’s see what we can do about that.”

The Giants certainly seem healthy. Moore is not on the pre-practice injury report, which means he has been cleared to go 100 percent (he was limited all last week). He did play in Sunday’s game against the Broncos, but had only one snap.

The Giants, in fact, had only two players on their pre-practice report. David Diehl is still recovering from thumb surgery and Adrien Robinson has a sprained foot. Besides that, all of the Giants were healthy enough to practice. That included Hakeem Nicks, who dislocated a finger on Sunday, and Brandon Myers, who suffered a rib injury in the same game. Both were on the field today, although they might wind up being listed officially as limited.

“I hope it helps, I hope it pays off,” Coughlin said of the small injury list. “This is what you’re after. You’d like to be able to have a full menu every week. Is that possible? Well, maybe not. But let’s not limit ourselves verbally. This may be a week where, God willing, we have a good week of practice, everyone stays on their feet, we don’t get in any trouble out there in that regard, and perhaps that will happen. Perhaps we’ll have some good choices to make at the end of the week.”

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