First of all, Happy Anniversary Giants fans. It was a year ago today that the No. 1-seeded Giants lost to the Eagles, 23-11, at home to be eliminated from the playoffs.

Now here we are a year later, and the Giants are again trying to come out from the rubble of a disappointing end to a season. They've already fired their defensive coordinator (happy one week anniversary on that matter, while we're recognizing them) and defensive line coach and there will likely be more seeds spit from the watermelon.

Meanwhile, a few movements in the league are affecting the Giants as they prepare for a very big week of off-season decisions.

The first has to do with their defensive coordinator job. Perry Fewell, who interviewed with the Giants last week, is supposed to meet with the Bears this week. After that, his agent told me recently, he'll make a decision (assuming there is a decision to be made; he might not get an offer from either team). We'll see just how true those reports that already had Fewell in Chicago under Lovie Smith were.

As for another candidate, Romeo Crennel is back from his vacation today and will probably be in contact with the Giants about the job. I haven't heard yet if he's set up a formal interview, but considering the background and relationship they share, a formal interview between Tom Coughlin and Crennel might consist of one question and answer.

"You wanna come here?"


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Also, because the Patriots lost, we'll get to see just how interested the Giants are in their linebackers coach Pepper Johnson.

I did speak with Bob Sutton briefly in the Jets' postgame locker room on Saturday night. He said he has not been contacted by the Giants (nor should he say so, as he's working for the Jets). But when I asked him if he's interested in the defensive coordinator job under Coughlin -- he was reportedly a target of the team -- he said simply: "We're in this." Translation: I'm a little busy with the Jets to be thinking about other stuff.

A few other names to keep an eye on in the next few days: Jim Haslett and perhaps soon-to-be former Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio.

Moving to the other side of the ball, the Giants might be in danger of losing two of their top offensive coaches. The SF Chronicle is reporting that Tom Cable will be fired today by the Raiders, opening the door for Kevin Gilbride to slide in as the top head coaching candidate. And in Buffalo, Leslie Frazier appears to be close to becomming head coach. He'd apparently like to bring Chris Palmer along with him as offensive coordinator.

And finally, Marc Ross will keep his interview with the Seahawks for their general manager job and a chance to be Pete Carroll's "boss." Last I heard that interview is scheduled for Wednesday.

So there could be some big comings and goings for the Giants this week. Stay tuned.

(Photo: AP)