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Aaron Ross back "home" at corner, taking better care of his wheels

Okay, I promised you a few more blogs once I finished my newspaper work, so here they are.

We begin with Aaron Ross, who basically had a non-season in 2009 as he suffered through a series of hamstring injuries and when he finally did get on the field at the end of the year was playing safety.

He’s back at cornerback now, competing for a job with, presumably, Terrell Thomas.

“I’m at corner now,” he crowed in the locker room after Friday’s OTA. “I told you I was going to be back! I’m a corner!”

One of the reasons he is back at corner is because of the depth the Giants added at safety, including the additions of Antrel Rolle, Deon Grant and rookie Chad Jones.

But Ross also said he’s taking better care of his body this offseason, something he neglected to do last year and he thinks it led to his injuries.

“More cold tub, more massages, more maintenance more than anything,” he said of his new routine. “The training is still the same as far as that goes. I just wasn’t getting any tune-ups.”

“I think that’s what it was, just tiring out the legs,” he added. “Training them and training them and not getting massages, not getting in the cold tub and doing maintenance work.”

He’s doing that now. And he’s back at the position he feels he should be playing.

“I’m back at corner now so I’m back home,” he said. “I haven’t played it in a year so I’m happy to be back there.”

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