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Aaron Ross has partial tear of plantar fascia

Giants cornerback Aaron Ross has recovered from a

Giants cornerback Aaron Ross has recovered from a severe hamstring strain and will play Sunday against Atlanta. Photo Credit: AP

Earlier in the week Tom Coughlin described Aaron Ross’ injury foot as “a big, swollen heel.” Today, that heel became a big, swollen bone of contention.

Coughlin said during his press conference that Ross did not have a tear in his plantar fascia, and that he simply has plantar fasciitis. Then when we spoke to Antrel Rolle about it a little while later, he noted that Ross has a different injury than the torn plantar fascia he had and played with last season. But Rolle called Ross’ injury a partially-torn plantar fascia.

Most of us, myself included, dismissed Rolle’s description because, well, players and injuries usually aren’t great sources, especially when it’s second hand and coming from someone else. Turns out that Dr. Rolle was right on the money.

Coughlin and the Giants just clarified that Ross does, in fact, have a partial tear of the plantar fascia. It’s not a full tear, which, in the backwards world of podiatry, would actually be better and easier to deal with. The prognosis for Ross remains the same. He’ll be in a cast for 7-10 days and then the Giants will see where he is at in terms of his mobility and strength and go from there.

While we’re taking medical advice from Rolle, he went on to say that he still has issues with the injury, particularly when he wakes up in the morning.

“It’s going to be something that he’s going to have to deal with for a long time,” Rolle said of Ross’ injury. “Once I warm up, it’s fine. It’s going to take him a while though. Mine took me a good minute. When I wake in the morning, it’s still sore and it still gets tight. Once you’ve walked on it and it’s loosened up, it’s fine.”


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