Joe Buck's minimalist, sometimes smart-alecky approach is not everyone's cup of tea.

But the best thing about being a non-screamer as a play-by-play man is that when something genuinely extraordinary happens, it means more when you turn up the shock dial.

So it was Sunday when the Fox announcer realized the Eagles' DeSean Jackson was bound for the end zone on the game's final play against the Giants.

"DeSean Jackson gets a block,'' he said, then shouted, "Are you kidding?''

After Jackson finally stepped into the end zone, Buck said, "Un-believable,'' in a tone that echoed his father Jack's famous line from the 1988 World Series: "I don't believe what I just saw.''

Buck's radio counterparts, Bob Papa on the Giants broadcast and Merrill Reese for the Eagles, also conveyed the drama effectively.

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But perhaps the finest announcing moment came as the Giants lined up for the fateful punt.

Here's Fox's Troy Aikman: "I don't think Tom Coughlin's real comfortable asking Matt Dodge to directional kick. I mean, he can bomb it, but even Tom Coughlin said trying to angle it and ask him to do certain things at this stage of his career is difficult for him.

"So in all likelihood, DeSean Jackson is at least going to get a return.''



No one who watched on TV, and no one who was there ever will forget it. Among the latter was Vinny DiTrani of The Record of Bergen County, N.J., who has covered the Giants since 1974.

He is retiring at season's end, so it likely was his last home game in a career that dates to The Fumble and other horrors. As he awaited Tom Coughlin's postgame news conference, he shook his head and said, "They saved the best for last.''