58° Good Evening
58° Good Evening

All quiet on Indy front

Greetings! I hope everyone enjoyed the parade and the City Hall ceremony. I heard Mayor Bloomberg pronounced Bob Papa’s name right this time, so that’s good.

Me? I’m still in Indianapolis, waiting to close the door behind me and turn out the lights as the last New York sportswriter still in town.

The day or two after a Super Bowl in a host city always is kind of depressing, like the morning after a fraternity party – only in this case much tidier and less smelly.

The hotel lobbies that three days ago were teeming with celebrities – and people watching them – are back to their customary calm.

The Super Bowl decals that have adorned major downtown buildings and temporary structures such as the Super Bowl Village are being torn down. (I posted a couple of pictures of that earlier on Twitter.)

The airport has returned to normal after the madness of Monday, but still with residual backups on flights back to the New York area.

One post-Super Bowl tradition is the 50 percent off sales on all merchandise other than the championship T-shirts. I visited a Lids Locker Room at the downtown mall at about 11 a.m. Monday and there were numerous Patriots shirts, hats and jackets to be had for bargain prices. The Giants stuff all was long gone.

Anyway, it’s back to the basement and back to the media beat for me. This will be my last post on TRock’s blog before I return to my own. It’s been a swell run covering football over the past couple of months with Tom Rock – the JPP of our staff – Bob Glauber and the rest of our football crew.

Congrats to all of my friends and family who are Giants fans, and congrats to the Giants themselves. Thanks for taking the rest of us along on your ride. Great game, great story.


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