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Overcast 36° Good Afternoon

An extra day off

Because they don't play until Monday night, the Giants are not practicing today. Wednesday is usually the day when practices begin and gameplans are installed for the upcoming opponent.

For the Giants, that will happen tomorrow.

"They told us to just get rid of this game, get it out of our minds, and come back Thursday ready to get into it," Aaron Ross said on Monday.

Of course there are probably a few players and a whole bunch of coaches in th ebuilding today. They are either getting their thinking together for the game against the Redskins or maybe even getting a jump on the Panthers, who they will play in a somewhat short week that includes not only a Monday Night game before a Sunday game but Christmas right in the middle of the planning path.

The good news is that each time the Giants have had a little extra time to plan for an opponent -- during the bye and after the Thanksgiving game -- they've come out with a win. Those are their only two wins since Oct. 11, though.

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