I'm not going to say it was a great weekend of football (although once again the final Sunday afternoon game salvaged the slate), but it did clear a few things up. And I'm certain many of you took great joy from watching the Cowboys get rolled by the Vikings.

But a few things that happened this weekend affect the Giants, even though they are obviously not in the playoffs.

For one thing, they gained two Pro Bowlers. Chris Snee and David Diehl are both first-alternates who will now be called upon to play in the game. Because the game takes place the weekend before the Super Bowl this year, any team that is preparing for the Super Bowl will obviously not be able to send its representatives.

The tackles on the NFC roster were Jason Peters of the Eagles along with Bryant McKinnie of the Vikings and Jonathan Stinchcomb of the Saints. With a Vikings-Saints NFC Championship, at least one of those guys will be going to the Super Bowl. So Diehl is in.

As for the guards, the Pro Bowlers were Steve Hutchinson of the Vikings, Jahri Evans of the Saints and Leonard David of the Cowboys. So as soon as the Saints won on Saturday and would face either the Vikings or the Cowboys, Snee was in.

Shaun O'Hara was already voted onto the roster as the backup center. Congrats to them. As an added bonus, they get to spend a few weeks playing under the NFC Pro Bowl coach: Wade Phillips.

The other first-alternate for the Giants is WR Steve Smith, but he's got to wait and see what happens on Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson and Miles Austin are all free to Pro Bowl, but Sidney Rice might be indisposed. If the Vikings beat the Saints, Steve Smith is the first Giants Pro Bowl receiver since Homer Jones in 1968.

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The other way this affects the Giants is it may wind up booting them from the chance to open the new stadium. I've already speculated that if the Colts win the Super Bowl you can almost book the Giants as a sure bet to play at Indy for the 2010 Thursday night season opener. That would leave the weekend open for the Jets to play at home on the first weekend.

But now that the Jets winning the Super Bowl is a possibility (cough, cough), they could wind up hosting the Thursday night season opener which would obviously be the first game at the new stadium.

If you thought the Giants were upset with they way they closed out Giants Stadium and had to watch the Jets run a victory lap a week later, wait until the Jets get to open the new stadium for a national network audience.

Of course this is all just conjecture at this point. But it's worth watching.

(Newsday Photo: John Dunn)