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Anderson wouldn't trade anyone

Ottis Anderson is one of seventy-five former NFL

Ottis Anderson is one of seventy-five former NFL players suing NFL over concussions. Credit: Getty Images

Former Giants running back O.J. Anderson believes the team will find a way to get its running game going.

“I think the plays they got for (Brandon Jacobs), his package is a little different than (Ahmad) Bradshaw’s and you have to have it that way,” Anderson said to Newsday’s Zach Schonbrun at the NFL Alumni's inaugural Celebrity Golf Classic benefiting the NFL Alumni Foundation at Hackensack Golf Club. “But what I do see is that (Jacobs) is more committed to just trying to go north and south. I think as a running back you’ve got to play by instinct, nobody can tell you how to do it. I believe if you give a person enough time and opportunity they will find their niche. He did when he first got there and he will again. It’s just a matter of time.”

Anderson said there are running backs around the league that he really admires.

“I’m starting to like Fred Jackson for Buffalo,” he said. “He’s pretty exciting, he runs pretty hard. Forte and McFadden as well. He’s tough, a tough-kind of runner. Not a whole lot of in-and-out. But AP’s still the man.”

Would the Giants be better off with any of them?

“I wouldn’t trade Brandon or Bradshaw for any one of those guys,” he said. “I think they fit their team and their situation just as well.”

On the other side of the ball, Anderson had some nice things to say about the Giants’ defense.

“They play the way the old Giants and the old Bears played,” he said. “Outright, tenacious, go-get-‘em defense. I think with Tuck, and Osi, and Pierre-Paul and Canty and Joseph, you’re going to get the same kind of tenacity. Our guys can get out there too. Injuries slow that down. I wouldn’t trade my team for any team in the league. I wouldn’t do it.”

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