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Andre Brown's Achilles is feeling good enough to dance around some awkward word choices

Last one for the night, then I’ll pack it up for the weekend.

Andre Brown seems to be having no issues regarding his Achilles tendon that snap, crackle, popped last summer. Still, the Giants have asked him to ease off the gas in the OTAs.

“They had to pull me back a little bit,” he said. “They told me ‘You need to calm down. Save it. At least make it to August.’”

Brown said he feels good enough to do all of the drills, but the team wants him to stay limited for now. He expects to be back carrying a full load in the practices by the end of next week. And the Achilles is not giving him any issues either physically (“I feel like my left is as quick as my right cutting off of it,” he said) or mentally (“My confidence is pretty high,” he added).

Now that Brown is healthy, where does he fit? The Giants have at least two running backs ahead of him in Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Brown was asked about his role on this team.

“I fit as a running back,” he said. “I feel I can receive the ball out of the backfield and I feel that I’m big enough to hit in between the tackles. I feel like I’m a pretty good balance between the big Brandon Jacobs and the sm…”

He almost called Bradshaw “small,” but he stopped short of that and searched for the right word. Paul Schwartz of the Post threw him a lifeline.

“Shifty,” Brown said with a big smile as he continued. “We’re going to use shifty. The shifty Ahmad Bradshaw.”

As we walked away from the interview, though, we had some fun with Brown. It wasn’t bad enough that he nearly called Bradshaw small, but we had him believing for half a second that he had left the F out of “shifty” when describing his teammate. After a moment of panic, Brown realized we were just teasing him.

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