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Antrel Rolle on loss to Packers: "The effort wasn't there all the way"

Green Bay's Jordy Nelson (87) breaks away from

Green Bay's Jordy Nelson (87) breaks away from the Giants' Antrel Rolle on an 80-yard touchdown reception. (Dec. 26, 2010) Credit: AP

Now that the season is over for the Giants, my Tuesdays will get a little less interesting. That’s because Antrel Rolle will not be participating in his weekly radio spot with Joe & Evan on WFAN during the offseason.

Today, though, he was on for the final time to wrap things up. And of course, when talking about the Giants’ 2010 season, you have to talk about the loss to the Eagles. Rolle was asked if that crumbling defeat had any effect on the Giants the following week when they lost to the Packers.

“That game took a lot out of us,” Rolle said. “I know it took a lot out of me. I try my best as a professional to have amnesia and just to let it go. But I don’t know. I can’t honestly say it did have some kind of effect on me, but I can’t honestly say it didn’t either. It wasn’t something I was thinking about during the course of the game or even in the latter part of that week going to Green Bay.

“But like I say, that’s the worst loss I’ve ever experienced since I’ve been playing football at the age of six. I’ve lost national titles, I’ve lost Super Bowls, but I’ve never experienced a loss like that where the game was so one-sided and all of a sudden it just flips. But that’s a learning experience for us. When we have guys down, keep them buried. Don’t let them dig themselves out of their grave. And we helped them dig themselves out.

“I felt like we went out there and we played against Green Bay, but it wasn’t our best game,” he added. “The effort wasn’t all the way there. Let’s just be honest about it. I think the players realize that, the coaches realize that, I know the people at home watching, the fans, I know they realize that.”

Rolle also had an interesting perspective on this past Sunday, when the Giants needed to win and have the Bears beat the Packers to get into the playoffs. While a lot of players were rooting for the Bears to win, Rolle wouldn’t.

“I take things a little bit differently than a lot of other players, I’m sure,” he said (understating the obvious that we have learned throughout the season). “Had Chicago won that game and we got into the postseason, I would have taken it, there’s no doubt about it, and I would have made sure I gave my all going into those playoffs and hopefully beyond. But throughout the week I kept getting asked if I was going to call Chicago players and honestly I told them no. I’m not going to become a Chicago fan overnight. I’m a Giant and that’s where my loyalty goes.

“We had the opportunity to close it out twice. My dad always told me when I was younger that I liked to do things on my own. I still see that. I would rather let us go out there and let us earn it. Let it be deserving on our behalf instead of having someone else do the work and we get in. That’s just the way I look at it. Honestly I don’t know how I would have taken it. Obviously I would have taken it, but it wouldn’t have been under the terms I would have liked it to be.”

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