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Antrel Rolle on possible Eagles playoff game: "I want 'em bad, man"

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick scrambles out of

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick scrambles out of the grip of New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle during the second half. (Nov. 21, 2010) Credit: AP

Antrel Rolle’s never-disappointing weekly spot on WFAN today covered several topics, many of them already discussed in the locker room yesterday when he met with the full media. But there was one topic that I know I didn’t ask Rolle about on Monday that Joe & Evan covered on Tuesday afternoon, and that is the possibility of Giants-Eagles III.

Call it the re-rematch.

“I want 'em bad, man,” Rolle said in a deep voice, sounding very much like a boxer drooling over an opponent (there was definitely a hint of Ali in his tone, the way he almost whispered it). “Let me tell you, I’ve never wanted something so bad in my life. I want them again. Hopefully, if I pray to God long enough, he’ll give it to us.”

He’s not the only Giant hoping to face the Eagles again down the line here this season. Justin Tuck was already talking about it (or at least answering questions about it) in his press conference after the game. And on Monday, Tom Coughlin was asked if he would remind his team that they could get another crack at the Eagles and point out how well they played against that team for 52 minutes on Sunday.

Coughlin just nodded slowly and gave a confident half-grin.

Maybe? “Maybe,” Coughlin finally said.


A few other topics that Rolle covered in his radio interview:

Asked if he could blame Giants fans for booing at the end of the game, he chuckled. “Honestly, no,” he said. “Honestly, you can’t.” He did add that he was pretty sure the mouths of the fans were just as wide open as his was at the end of the game. He also said that the crowd did a great job during the game, helping them take the 31-10 lead.

Rolle had no problem with DeSean’s DeShowboating along the goal line on his punt return, saying that he probably would have done the same thing had he been able to bring back a big interception for the game-winning touchdown.

And on the storyline about the Giants players not shaking hands with the Eagles after the game, Rolle said he just wanted to get off the field. “It wasn’t meant to show any disrespect to the Eagles,” he said. “There’s no hard feelings at the end of the day, but it hurt. It hurt so bad to the point where I didn’t even think about going and shaking hands.”

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