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Are the seeds of unrest sprouting?

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. (Oct.

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. (Oct. 30, 2011) Credit: John Dunn

When teams start losing, typically there can be some unrest that bubbles to the surface. We started seeing a little of that today as both the players and coaches flashed some of the dissatisfaction they have with each other.

It's not excatly mayhem and anarchy or a mutiny here at Timex Performance Center. But it's something that bares watching if things start to spin out of control in the coming weeks.

It was a two-way street. Coughlin, of course, ripped the team (the offensive line in particular) for not playing a physical game, to which linebacker Michael Boley (who was not even playing) took exception.

“That’s his assessment,” Boley said. “I always say coaches coach, players play. We’re the ones in the trenches. We really know what goes on down there. For someone to say this is what happened doesn’t mean nothing to me.”

Then there is the coaching style, particularly the defensive play-calling that put very little pressure on Vince Young.

“Sometimes I think we out-think ourselves,” Justin Tuck said, a sign that he’d have liked to have more than three pass-rushers at times.

Tuck also said that he thinks the Giants play better when they are the underdogs. That’s something Coughlin took exception with.

“He talks too much,” Coughlin said. “What does that have to do with it? … I don’t have a lot (or patience) for that kind of talk.”

Coughlin said that with a half-smile and he certainly wasn’t trying to disrespect on undermine Tuck. But he did say it.

Coughlin also was asked about Brandon Jacobs’ remarks aimed at booing Giants fans.

“The crowd is going to boo when it isn’t going well, I don’t see any reason to pay attention to it,” he said. “Make a good play and you’ll hear it the other way around. It’s just part of the game.”

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