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Are we at the end of the 'at the end of the day' era?

New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle shakes

New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle shakes hands with fans before a wild-card playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons. (Jan. 8, 2012) Credit: AP

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of Antrel Rolle’s weekly radio spot on WFAN today was the retirement announcement.

Who’s retiring? Rolle? Coughlin? Glauber?

No. The Giants safety, who has a verbal habit of using the phrase “at the end of the day,” said he is dropping it from his vocabulary. The replacement phrase? “When it’s all said and done.”

“My sister was the first one to say anything to me about it,” Rolle said of his @TEOTD tick. “I find it funny because I never really paid attention to it but I kept it going as an inside joke to myself. But I want to switch it up. ‘When it’s all said and done,’ that’s going to be the new phrase.”

It had become a bit of a running gag to count how many times Rolle used @TEOTD. He was often in the 20s during his radio spots. Sometimes he would start and end a sentence with those words. At one point I remember him saying this sentence: “It is what it is, at the end of the day.” The rare compound cliché!

Last Wednesday, when the Giants brought players to the podium for their media interviews, Rolle was the last one to speak. He literally went at the end of the day.

But now it seems we’re at the end of the at the end of the day era.

Or are we? I’ve noticed that Chris Canty has taken to using that phrase a lot more in recent weeks. Perhaps he will pick up the @TEOTD torch and carry it through the playoffs.

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