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Austin was ready for 'grown man ball'

Defensive tackle Marvin Austin at the Giants' OTA

Defensive tackle Marvin Austin at the Giants' OTA practice. (May 30, 2012) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Some people jump out of bed in the morning if they have something exciting to do that day. Then there are people like Marvin Austin who never make it to the bed from the night before.

The defensive tackle told that he was so thrilled about yesterday’s first contact practice – the team was in helmets and shoulder pads – that he slept on the floor the previous night.

“My bed’s not the best, so I slept on the floor last night and just got ready,” he said. “I knew it was going to be grown man ball. Gotta separate the men from the boys, and I definitely wanted to be known as a man out there.”

Austin, as we all know, has not played in a real football game in nearly three full years. He’s sat out the last two seasons; 2010 when he was suspended at North Carolina and 2011 when he injured his pectoral with the Giants in a preseason game.

Now he’s convinced he can come back and be the same player who the Giants took with a second-round pick.

“I just wanted to get out there and show that I’m ready and show that I’ve been working,” he said. “The whole time I’ve been off I haven’t been sitting around lollygagging. I’ve been working and getting prepared for this opportunity.

“I try to hit people and not get hit,” he added. “I try my best to go out there and deliver the blow. I feel a lot of things coming back to me – recognition, noticing certain things. I’m working on just converting and being quicker with my game. I think I’m playing pretty strong. I’m playing small ball, as (defensive line) coach (Robert) Nunn would say. The little things will count.”

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