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Barden leaves (of his own accord)

Ramses Barden said he gets most of his lockout information from watching SportsCenter. If he was watching a little earlier today, he would have though he was being locked out again.

The ESPN flagship program first reported that a temporary stay had been ordered, then a little while later changed the report to say that a temporary stay is expected.

Barden seemed oblivious to both as he left the Giants’ facility a little while ago. He left when he was finished and was not tossed out because of a lockout.

“Got to get a little rehab, got a little lift in, grab a snack or two,” Barden said. “Good to see everybody, touch base with the coaches.”

Barden had scar tissue removed from the broken ankle injury that put him on IR last year but was healing. “It was coming along, but the scar tissue builds and they said ‘Let’s go in now and give you a little bit more flexibility.’ It feels 10 times better than it felt before that.”

Barden said he is ahead of schedule, although he is not running. He said because of the lockout and the time they have, he is just building a foundation right now. He did receive treatment on Friday during his visit.

“It was nice to show my face and put some confidence in the coaches and trainers to see that my rehab is actually coming along the way they want it to,” he said.

Barden was scheduled to fly in from California this week anyway, but when the lockout was lifted – temporarily, perhaps – he was excited to be able to work at the Giants’ complex. He was here on Thursday too.

As for what this week has been like for players who are never quite sure where or when they are allowed to work out, Barden said it’s been difficult.

“It’s turmoil to say the least,” he said. “But if anything it just teaches you to stay on your toes and at the same time stay prepared.”


Just to add to the list of guys who showed up today, we saw Brandon Jacobs leave and we saw Adam Koets arrive. Oh, and Prince Amukamara is in the building for his press conference in a little while.


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