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Barden says it's not a pain issue, Canty has an insignificant groin, and Ross casted for 10 days

Ramses Barden pulls in a pass during Giants

Ramses Barden pulls in a pass during Giants training camp in Albany, N.Y. (Aug. 3, 2010) Credit: Jon Winslow

A few other injury notes from practice, Tom Coughlin’s presser, and the open locker room session today:

Shaun O’Hara (ankle) was taking some snaps with the starting offense today, so technically he’s limited. Interestingly the Giants had Rich Seubert at center on some of the plays that O’Hara sat out. Seubert, by the way, was still wearing some kind of shield or heavy pad on his left hand to protect the broken bone.

Ramses Barden said his fractured transverse process happened when he was hit in practice the week leading up to the Jets game. He also said the idea that the pain is the only thing that will keep him from playing is “only semi-true.”

“As long as it hurts, and there’s pain, it’s still protecting the bone,” he said. “When the pain lessens, the bone is strong enough to handle it on its own. That means there can’t be any further breakage or damage. Right now, we might be in the stage where it could get worse, so we’re taking the proper precautions.”

Coughlin said that an MRI on Chris Canty’s groin “did not show anything of great significance” – a phrasing that made several of us with adolescent minds giggle – and that “hopefully he’ll come along fast.” Canty told me in the locker room that this happened during a contact play in practice, so he’s not worried about it as compared to the non-contact injuries he had last year. “It’s a different kind of thing,” he said confidently. “Am I worried about it like the calf and the hamstring last year? No.”

Coughlin also said there is no tear on Aaron Ross’ plantar fascia, and that he has plantar fasciitis. There was some confusion in the locker room when Antrel Rolle, who tore his plantar fascia last season (against the Giants no less) and played through it, described Ross’ injury as a “partial tear.” Either way, Ross’ preseason is over and the cast they put on him yesterday will remain there for about 10 days, Coughlin said.

Terrell Thomas said that he was just resting a sore calf and he expects that he’ll play on Saturday against the Ravens. The Giants will certainly need him with Ross sidelined.

Oh, and he’s no longer technically an injured player, but Kenny Phillips had his first interception since coming back to the field in today’s practice. In fact, he had two of them, one that ended the practice and a 2:00 drill after it was batted in the air by Nate Collins.

“Fall on the ground, roll around a little bit and get back up,” Coughlin said of the interception. “Good stuff.”

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