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Barry Cofield inks up

Barry Cofield moseyed up and signed the papers.

The defensive tackle became the last of the Giants’ restricted free agents to sign his tender offer, this being a $1.759 million one. That’s what he’ll earn in 2010 if he makes the team (he should). Beyond that? Anyone’s guess. It’s not exactly going to turn into a LeBron type of thing, but he’ll likely be unrestricted next offseason and get to find a new deal with (most likely) a new team.

Cofield had another few weeks to sign his tender offer, something he didn’t seem excited about doing when we spoke with him a month ago. "I guess it's just about when I want to mosey upstairs and sign the paper," Cofield said in mid-April. "I don't really feel any urgency to do it."

What sparked this inevitable but decidedly unenjoyable step for Cofield? Maybe it had something to do with reports that came out recently about his near-trade to the Saints along with assurances from the team that they are no longer considering dealing him and consider him a big part of their 2010 plans. Or maybe it was just a logistical matter of him being around and getting ready for the start of OTAs next week.

Of course, Cofield would have preferred for the team to say that he is a part of their plans from 2010-2014 or something like that (along with a signing bonus). But one year is all he gets from the Giants. For now.


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