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Barry Cofield late for the party

FILE - Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield.

FILE - Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield. Credit: AP

Wanted to catch you up on something I found a little comical during the game on Sunday. Obviously it didn’t have any real effect on the outcome, or it might not have been funny. But when the Giants were lining up to attempt a 28-yard field goal with about nine minutes left in the game, they had to burn a timeout to get the right personnel on the field.

Barry Cofield was the right personnel. In fact he came running onto the field so quickly that he had his ski hat on underneath his helmet.

“I’ve been on the field goal team for a few weeks now so I’ll take all the blame,” Cofield said. “When I first got on the team, I had someone grabbing me and say ‘Hey, make sure you’re ready for field goal’ because I wasn’t accustomed to it, but I was over there talking defense with a couple of my fellow d-lineman. Once you hear someone screaming your name and you look around and realize you did something wrong, you just try to get on the field as fast as possible. I didn’t realize I had my ski hat on until it was too late, and I’m just glad I made that mistake in a game that we were in control of and not a game where that could’ve really cost us. Obviously that’s something that I’m not going to let happen again.”

Cofield said he’s already heard about the incident from teammates.

“Yeah, I’m already taking verbal jabs from a bunch of guys and we’ll see what Coach Coughlin has to say about it,” he said. “We got the win and I’ll take the win and the verbal abuse. It’s all lighthearted.”

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