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Beatty looking to "master" left tackle spot, gain a "starter mentality"

File photo of Giants lineman Will Beatty. (Aug.

File photo of Giants lineman Will Beatty. (Aug. 3, 2010) Credit: Jon Winslow

We transitioned from the receivers to David Diehl. Now we transition from Diehl to the guy who replaced the guy who replaced him at left tackle – Will Beatty.

The second-year player did well on Sunday in his first start at the position he was drafted to play. In fact, it was probably his best game as a pro.

“There were no penalties, no hits on the QB,” Beatty said. “I did what I was supposed to do out there. I wasn’t messing myself up or taking myself backwards … You don’t want them calling your name. The less you hear about me the better I’m doing.”

Beatty spoke about what it means to be playing left tackle, the “pride” position on the offensive line.

“They wanted me here, the whole plan was to be a left tackle,” he said. “If I’m not at left tackle then I’m not going to the original plan. For me, it’s Am I doing what I need to be doing? Or are they just using me somewhere else? So playing left tackle has given me that confidence that I’m going for a spot. I have to know all the positions, but you have to be the master at this spot and not a jack of all trades.”

Now that Diehl is on the verge of a return, either this week or next, Beatty’s time at the position may be running out. When Diehl practiced today it was at tackle, not guard. Does Beatty think he did enough in his first start to keep the job?

“I feel like I did enough to show the coaches,” Beatty said. “It’s never enough to say ‘Oh, I have this spot.’ It’s not at that point yet. I still think that they’re looking for things out of me that I have to show them and I have to give them.”

Such as …?

“Effort. On the field. I just played one game off the broken foot, so they know that I can play. But they still want that aggression, they want that speed, they want that starter mentality. I feel I have it, but the coaching staff is never going to tell you you have it. It’s only my second year, so I’m not expecting to say ‘Oh, I have it all.’ There’s still a lot that I have to do.”

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