Odell Beckham Jr. said the highlight of his offseason was meeting a long-lost relative. Sort of.

The Giants wide receiver got to meet and spend some time with soccer legend David Beckham at a corporate dinner last week.

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"It was a pretty surreal moment for me meeting a guy who I clowned about being a relative for the longest time," the wide receiver said on Thursday.

The Giants' Beckham was a highly regarded soccer player himself before dedicating to football and said the soccer-playing Beckham was a childhood idol in the sport.

"I've been trying to meet him for the longest time," Beckham said. "I was like a little kid again, you just kind of excited. I've been trying to meet him since I was 5 or 6 years old. It was definitely a lot of fun for me."

It turns out the Beckham-on-Beckham admiration goes in both directions.

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"He told me he's watched me," Odell Beckham said. "He said he knows a lot about me and he's been watching me for a while. And to keep up the family name."