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Belichick on JPP: "He can be anywhere"

Jason Pierre-Paul's time on the field on defense

Jason Pierre-Paul's time on the field on defense has grown in recent weeks and that's a trend that figures to continue, considering the praise he's been receiving from the coaching staff. (Sept. 2, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Jason Pierre-Paul is going through some tests to see if he suffered a concussion in practice on Thursday and he may not play on Sunday. It sounds as if that would be a relief to Bill Belichick, who talked about the second-year player’s development earlier in the day (before news of the possible concussion came out and he was listed as questionable, by the way).

“I’d say he’s improved a lot from where he was,” Belichick said in his Friday press conference. “We played against him last year in preseason and just from last year to this year, he’s a great talent. He’s long, very athletic, fast, quick, he’s got good power, he runs well, he makes some plays in pursuit and chase. But from a technique standpoint and just overall understanding: recognizing draws, screens, different pass sets, those kinds of things, you can see he’s made a lot of improvement over the last year. He’s a good football player. He’s very disruptive.”

Belichick said Pierre-Paul’s versatility shows that football is starting to sink in for him.

“They play him everywhere,” he said. “Even though I’m not coaching him, it’s just a sign when you see a team move a player move around that he must be catching on fairly well. He plays on our left side, he plays on our right side, he plays inside. Actually in their odd look, he actually plays on the nose when [Mathias] Kiwanuka is kind of the standup linebacker, fourth rusher. They do a lot of different things with him and I think that’s definitely an indication that he’s gaining experience, gaining understanding and has more of a comprehension of the defense and the different things they ask him to do.

“He’s a very disruptive player and they put him in a lot different spots,” Belichick continued. “Like I said, when you come out of the huddle offensively, you don’t know for sure where he’s going to be, which, there’s not a lot of defensive linemen that you can say that about. Usually they play one spot or maybe two, but this guy could pretty much be anywhere.”

Unfortunately for the Giants, he may be on the sideline come Sunday.

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