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Ben McAdoo addresses your giant suit concerns

New York Giants senior vice president and general

New York Giants senior vice president and general manager Jerry Reese shakes hands with Giants head coach Ben McAdoo at a press conference on Friday, Jan. 15, 2016. Photo Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Fine. Let’s address the suit.

Ben McAdoo was introduced as the new head coach of the Giants yesterday while wearing an ill-fitting pinstripe suit that appeared to be more suitable for one of his offensive linemen than him. The neckline of his white shirt was loose, the shoulders on the jacket hung, and the buttons on the front were baggy.

It was, in this age of social media interpretations and instant hot takes, the overwhelming takeaway from the news conference.

McAdoo acknowledged the issue, noting that he is far more comfortable in “sweats and a hoodie” than the formal attire of such an affair. He also said the reason for the lack of fit in the threads was that he had not had time to get a tailored wardrobe, what with all of the interviews since the 2015 season ended. And the last time he wore this particular suit, he was a bit heavier.

How much weight has he lost?

Said the new coach, “About a third-grader.”

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