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Ben McAdoo won't commit to Ereck Flowers as Giants’ left tackle

New York Giants offensive lineman Ereck Flowers looks

New York Giants offensive lineman Ereck Flowers looks on from the bench during a preseason game against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium on Friday Aug. 12, 2016 in East Rutherford, N.J. Credit: George McNish

INDIANAPOLIS — Ben McAdoo said Ereck Flowers is the left tackle for the Giants but indicated that may change depending on what happens in the next few weeks with free agency and the draft.

“I have a ton of confidence in Ereck,” McAdoo said Wednesday at the Combine when asked about the former first-round pick who struggled in his second season at the key position. “He’s a guy that he’s all in, he’s working at it. You can make a case that he could be here right now preparing to go out and run in the Combine. He’s a young player who has a lot of room to grow and we expect him to grow. We have confidence he’s going to grow. Where he ends up is where he ends up. Right now he’s playing left tackle like he’s always played for us and we’ll go from there.”

When pressed further on Flowers’ position in regard to the possible changes on the roster coming this spring, however, McAdoo was less committed.

“I’m not saying,” he said. “I’m saying right now it’s March 1st, so, he’s an offensive lineman for the New York Giants.”

McAdoo also dismissed the idea that the offensive line was the biggest issue for the Giants’ offense in 2016. He pointed to the unit’s 27 turnovers — “We’re fortunate to have the wins that we had turning the ball over the way we turned the ball over,” he said — as well as dropped passes.

“I think that’s an easy blame, an easy one-liner that you can throw out there and think you have all the answers,” he said of blaming the offensive line. “I don’t necessarily agree with that. The offensive line, they need to play better, I agree with that. I think Eli [Manning] needs to do a better job playing with fast feet and he needs to sit on that back foot in the pocket. We’re seeing a lot of man coverage, so the receivers, it’s going to take a little time for them to get open and everything may not be rhythmical. He’s got to play with fast feet, he has to sit on his back foot and be ready to hitch into a throw.

“Things aren’t always clean in this league,” McAdoo added. “You watch film of the end zones throughout the league and you’re seeing a lot of dirty pockets.”

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