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Blackburn starting at MLB ... for now

East Rutherford - June 14, 2012: Giants LB's

East Rutherford - June 14, 2012: Giants LB's Keith Rivers and Chase Blackburn at the New York Giants Thursday mini camp. (Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy) Credit: Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy

The Giants are so deep at linebacker that veteran Chase Blackburn may not even make the team. For now, though, he’s the starting middle linebacker.

“I can’t say he’ll stay there permanently, but right now Chase is our guy and no one’s clearly beaten him out for the position,” defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said. “Chase has some distinct advantages over some of the other guys. I said to the defense in our meeting, if I want to re-write my playbook, I would get Chase’s notes and re-write our playbook. When I ask a question or when I talk about a defense in there, he puts the addendums in. So he has been the best extension of me so far because he probably knows as much about our defense and how to make the calls and run our defense as any of those linebackers, with the exception of Michael Boley right now. That’s pretty good.”

But can Blackburn’s brains withstand the push from more talented players behind him like Mark Herzlich, and maybe even Boley of Keith Rivers?

“I’d love for him to physically hang in there and do that,” Fewell said. “No doubt about it. He does add something to our unit, so I would love for him to do that. Can he do that? I can’t say.”

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