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Boley thanks Cam for giving Giants the win

Michael Boley celebrates with teammates after getting an

Michael Boley celebrates with teammates after getting an interception during a game against the Carolina Panthers. (Sept. 20, 2012) Credit: Getty

Cam Newton said after Thursday’s game that it wasn’t the Giants defense that caused the Panthers’ offense to struggle and score only one touchdown and throw three interception.

“It’s nothing that they did,” the Carolina quarterback said. “It was all on us … It wasn’t more of what they did. It was more of what we didn’t do.”

To which the Giants expressed their most sincere appreciation.

“Thank you,” said linebacker Michael Boley, who was given a sack and an interception by the generous Newton. “I would say Thank you.”

The Giants have heard that kind of talk before from the Packers and 49ers who both had players express the sentiment that they gave away their playoff games to the Giants last season. Boley didn’t seem to mind Newton’s rationalization, even if it gave no credit to the defense.

“It’s whatever,” Boley said. “If that’s how you look at it, thanks. You can get back to whatever you do this coming week.”

Boley did say he saw growing frustration by Newton on the field as things did not go his way.

“Oh yeah, most definitely” he said. “But that’s with anybody. You have a guy like that and he’s not doing what he normally does, it can be frustrating.”

Newton’s frustration culminated with his being pulled from the game and receiver Steve Smith chewing him out on the sideline for wallowing on the bench and not standing up to support the team. Smith said he called Newton out so he could “understand this is more than about playing football, it’s about becoming a man and understanding this is what it’s about.”

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