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Boothe, DeOssie can make Ivy history

Kevin Boothe is Exhibit A for GM Jerry Reese's low-key approach to last offseason, the kind of re-signing that passed under most fans' radar screens at the time but has paid big dividends.

The guard/center has displayed his versatility and dependability and been a relative steal.

Boothe's success has an unusual wrinkle to it: He played at Cornell, which does not generally produce starters on Super Bowl teams.

"They'll find you anywhere," Boothe said. "It's a matter of whether you can play or not."

Inevitably, Boothe and his fellow Giants Ivy Leaguer, long snapper Zak DeOssie (Brown), face jabs from teammates and questions from journalists curious about their uncommon pedigrees.

When someone asked Boothe the other day whether his intelligence makes it easier for him to play multiple positions, he said, "I don’t know. I think other people can do it, too. For Cornell’s sake I’ll say it’s definitely the Cornell education."

Boothe said he and DeOssie do not get as many chances as teammates to talk trash during the college football season. The only time one of their schools plays against that of a teammate, it is when Cornell faces Brown.

"All the rest of the guys are talking about their schools week in and week out, who they're playing," he said. "We only play each other once a year."

Boothe said he didn't feel extra pressure to prove himself in the league. (He began as a Raider and 2006 and joined the Giants in '07.)

"I didn't feel I had to prove a point," he said. "If you can play you can play. There are a lot of people who have played at small schools who have gone on to have tremendous careers."

But relatively few Ivy Leaguers have won Super Bowls. If the Giants win Feb. 5, Boothe and DeOssie will become the third and fourth to win two rings.

The first two were safety Kenny Hill (Yale), with the Raiders and Giants, and quarterback Jason Garrett (Princeton) with the Cowboys.

Here are lists sent by the Ivy League of alumni who have played in the most Super Bowls (including the upcoming one) and won the most Super Bowls:

3 Jason Garrett (Princeton) 1993-95-01
2 Calvin Hill (Yale) 1971-72
2 Ed Marinaro (Cornell) 1974-75
2 George Starke (Columbia) 1983-84
2 Bob Holly (Princeton) 1983-84
2 Kenny Hill (Yale) 1984-87
2 Reggie Williams (Dartmouth) 1982-89
2 Kevin Boothe (Cornell) 2008-12
2 Zak DeOssie (Brown) 2008-12

2 Kenny Hill (Yale) 1984-87
2 Jason Garrett (Princeton) 1993-95
1 Chuck Mercein (Yale) 1968
1 John Dockery (Harvard) 1969
1 Calvin Hill (Yale) 1972
1 Bob Holly (Princeton) 1983
1 George Starke (Columbia) 1983
1 Derrick Harmon (Cornell) 1985
1 Gary Fencik (Yale) 1986
1 Sean Morey (Brown) 2006
1 Kevin Boothe (Cornell) 2008
1 Zak DeOssie (Brown) 2008
1 Jim Finn (Penn) 2008

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