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Bradshaw and Jacobs back on the run

The Giants’ running backs are back to running.

Pieced back together by a series of surgeries in the weeks following the season – Brandon Jacobs had his knee operated on while Ahmad Bradshaw had his right ankle and both feet fixed by surgeons – they are finally on the move. Bradshaw ran for the first time yesterday while Jacobs said he was able to do some cutting drills on his knee this week.

So where do the Giants stand in terms of need at running back heading into the draft? If the surgeries could be guaranteed, they’d probably not need one. But since there are no guarantees, they might go after one very high. The team (along with the rest of the NFL) is very intrigued by Clemson’s C.J. Spiller.

“It’s all up to the Giants and who they want, but with us backs we feel that we’ll be fine,” Brandshaw said. “Everybody should think we’ll be fine this season.”

Bradshaw said his ankle feels terrific but he still has pain in his feet, mostly from the screws that were inserted to stabilize the cracked bones on either foot. He said running is taking some getting used to.

“I’ve just got to get more balanced and more comfortable,” he said. “After limping the last three months, I’ve still got a little limp and still a little bit of pain. But it’s not as bad as it was during the season.”

He said because he runs on the outsides of his feet – bow-legged – there is more stress put on that portion of his feet. He’s tried to change the way he runs, but at this point it almost seems silly. He’ll wear some extra padding but won’t change his running style.
But it was the injuries, not the running style, that hurt the running game last year.

“With me being hurt and not being more explosive, with Brandon being hurt and not being more physical,” Bradshaw explained. “But a lot of those things are fixed now. I know Brandon and I both feel we’ll be fine.”

Not everyone is so sure, of course. And that’s driving the two backs.

“We love the ifs and buts and everybody doubting us,” Bradshaw said.

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