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Bradshaw will be a medical decision; Prince and Phillips practicing

Ahmad Bradshaw celebrates his touchdown with Andre Brown

Ahmad Bradshaw celebrates his touchdown with Andre Brown against the Green Bay Packers at MetLife Stadium. (Nov. 25, 2012) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Ahmad Bradshaw said he needs to convince Tom Coughlin to let him play against the Ravens. Turns out he’s targeting the wrong opinion.

“We’d all love to have him play, but it will be a medical decision, it’s not going to be mine,” Coughlin said. “Although he wants to play as badly as he can, if the doctors feel he can play without hurting himself, then I think that very well could be the case. If the doctors don’t think that’s possible, then they’ll make the decision.”

Bradshaw said earlier this week that things would have been different in Atlanta f he was on the field, and by that he meant that he would have given the Giants some emotional spark that seemed to have been doused in that game.

“When he plays, he plays with fire,” Coughlin said. “He plays with determination. He’s focused. He’s extremely physical. He takes great pride in that aspect of the game. For him, he takes great pride in defying what anyone says he can’t do. He is someone on the sideline that’s not very patient and is not afraid to make a few comments about it.”

That said, would the Giants consider bringing Bradshaw along to Baltimore even if he is unable to play? Could Bradshaw go from running back to cheerleader?

“It would be a consideration,” Coughlin said, “but it’s much different for the competitor when he’s not competing. It really is.”

Bradshaw was one of five Giants not practicing today. Chris Snee and David Baas, both dealing with hip injuries, depleted the offensive line in today’s practice. Hakeem Nicks was on the sideline (remember last week Coughlin said the team would scale back his practices). And the newcomer to the group was Justin Tuck with a shoulder injury.

“He probably banged it in the game, though he didn’t come out of the game,” Coughlin said. “We can, and I think he can deal with it, because he’s had to before.”

Meanwhile, the Giants’ secondary seems to be coming together. While Coughlin said Prince Amukamara would simply be “tested” during practice, he seemed to be participating in just about everything early on including special teams drills. He missed the game against the Falcons with a hamstring injury. And Kenny Phillips seemed to be participating fully in today’s practice, although he might wind up listed as limited. Coughlin said Phillips is “rested” and “ready to contribute.” Phillips has missed eight of the last 10 games and was limited to third-down plays in one of those games in which he did suit up.


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