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Brady thinks about SB42, just not when it makes for good story

Tom Brady, above, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees

Tom Brady, above, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees say “it is time” for NFL owners and players to wrap up negotiations on a deal to end the league’s lockout. Credit: Getty Images

On Monday, Eli Manning told us that he won’t be reminiscing about Super Bowl XLII even though pictures of him playing in that game are plastered around the Timex Performance Center like images of Mao in Beijing. Well, today it was Tom Brady’s turn to tell us how insignificant that game four years ago is to this Sunday’s meeting.

“That’s a distant memory,” Brady told reporters. “There’s not much you can take from that. This is an entirely different team that we have and that they have, strengths and weaknesses. There are so many players on our team that were obviously not a part of that game or any game against the Giants. We’re familiar with them, we play them in the preseason mostly every year and we’ve played them in the preseason this year and that probably gives us a little more of an understanding of what they do then the game a few years ago or eight years ago or something like that.”

Eight years ago? Wow, that’s going back a long way.

Brady said he does recall that game in February 2008. Just not now.

“This week it is (gone from my memory),” he said. “I don’t think it always is. It’s not always. There are other times when you think about it, but this week, I’m not thinking about that game. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to think about that game, but this isn’t the week for that.”

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