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Brandon Jacobs leaning towards McClain, would try to make a Spiller pick worthless

Last year at this time I caught up with Brandon Jacobs a day before the draft and asked him who he thought the Giants would select. He said the wide receiver from North Carolina. Sure enough, in the first round, the Giants took Hakeem Nicks.

So when I saw Jacobs at an NFL Play 60 event in Central Park this morning, I asked him for another prediction. He said he wasn’t as certain this year because he’s been too busy rehabbing his surgically-repaired knee and taking care of other things to keep up with the incoming rookies and all of the draft chatter.

He said he doesn’t have a gut feeling this year, isn’t putting his proverbial money on any one player, but he has an idea.

“I was kind of thinking the kid McClain from Alabama, he’s the top linebacker,” Jacobs said of Rolando McClain. “But I think we’re going to have to move up for him. I don’t think he’s going to be there at 15. He’s got too much talent. And the Giants don’t move up for nobody. They’re going to have to if they want this guy because I don’t think he’ll be sitting there at 15.”

Since C.J. Spiller was just a few feet away from us at the time, I broached the idea of the Giants drafting the running back in the first round. Jacobs didn’t sound like he’d embrace that idea.

“This is a business and I wouldn’t be surprised with what they do after witnessing what just happened with McNabb,” he said. “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Us as players are only numbers. The organization is trying to do the best that they can for the organization. Sometimes it’s good decisions, sometimes it’s bad decisions. Who am I to try to make it for them?

“They’ll do what they want to do,” he added. “It’s their team. They have to pay the money and my job will be to let them see that they drafted him for nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

A few other nuggets from Jacobs:

  • He said his knee feels “great” and said “I feel like a 12-year-old right now.”
  • I asked him about rumors of the Giants trading Osi Umenyiora. “There’s a better chance of them moving me than moving him,” he said. “That’s just my way of saying that he ain’t going anywhere. He’s working out every day, he’s happy, working hard, waiting for the season. He ain’t going anywhere.”
  • And Jacobs certainly noticed the release of the NFL schedule yesterday, in particular the first regular-season game against the Panthers. “We get a chance to redeem ourselves with them because they kicked the hell out of us in Giants Stadium when we closed it out,” he said. “We can’t open it up that way and I don’t think we will. We’ll be ready for them. Given the fact that I am around, we’re going to be fine.” Jacobs did play in the Carolina fiasco in 2009 but had 1 yard on 6 carries and was put on IR shortly afterwards with his knee injury.


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