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Brandon Marshall, D.J. Fluker make big impression on Ben McAdoo

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall speaks

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall speaks to the press in the New York Jets locker room during the Jets season wrap-up in Florham Park, N.J. on Monday, Jan. 4, 2016. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

PHOENIX — Ben McAdoo may start to feel as if he works in a birdhouse based on the way some of his new players enter his office.

The Giants coach marveled over the size of two new acquisitions, wide receiver Brandon Marshall and offensive lineman D.J. Fluker, during his media availability on Tuesday at the NFL’s annual meeting in Arizona.

“He almost didn’t fit through my doorway when he came to the building,” McAdoo said of the 6-4 Marshall. “He’s a big man. He’s like a tight end body out there, a big strong man who knows how to run the whole tree. There is a lot of value in that.”

And Fluker, at 6-5 and 340 pounds?

“He can block out the sun,” McAdoo said. “Brandon almost didn’t fit through my doorway, Fluker didn’t. He had to turn sideways to get through the doorway. He’s a big man and loves the game, provides a lot of energy.”

The Giants haven’t had much size at the wide receiver position in recent years. The last time Eli Manning had a target as big as Marshall was likely Plaxico Burress, whose last season as a Giant was 2008. McAdoo said he has watched film of Manning and Burress together, but that did not play into the decision to sign Marshall.

Neither did Marshall’s perceived role as a mentor to Odell Beckham Jr. and the other young receivers.

“He’s coming from the outside coming in,” McAdoo said. “We didn’t sign him to be a leader, we signed him to be a football player for us. One thing I ask of the guys we bring in is to be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Marshall being himself may be enough.

“I look forward to getting Brandon out there and seeing what he brings to the table when you get everybody together, but he is a big target,” McAdoo said. “He’s a big target who has played a lot of football and has been very productive. A confident player, so it’s always good to add that chunk of confidence to the offense and the locker room. That’s good. And he’s a big target for Eli and that will help Eli.”

And maybe, along with Fluker, affect the layout of McAdoo’s office door.

“We have to widen that thing a little bit,” he said.

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