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Brunell and Garcia "highly doubtful"

Jim Sorgi's shoulder sufficiently spooked the Giants to the point that they "put the brakes on it a little bit," according to his agent, Matt Brei. Doesn't mean something won't get done, it just means the Giants need a little more convincing. Brie, who said Sorgi has been throwing and has been cleared by prominent orthopedists Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Lewis Yocum, urged the Giants' medical staff to confer with those other doctors.

In the meantime ... who's next?

There's been a lot of speculation about two veterans who could fill the role behind Eli Manning: Jeff Garcia and Mark Brunell. But according to a league source familiar with the Giants' thinking, it is "highly doubtful" that either will be asked to visit the Giants.

Where will the Giants turn? Sorgi is cerainly not off the table. Maybe Rhett Bomar is in better posotion to become a No. 2 than we expect him to be after a year on the practice squad. Jake Delhomme is a free agent. And with the Browns apparently interested in David Carr as they were, either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn could soon be available. (UPDATE: ESPN is now reporting that the Browns have traded for QB Seneca Wallace, so yeah, one of those guys is a goner.)

The answer is there are options, not all of them visible ones right now. And maybe it will get to the point where the Giants will call Garcia or Brunell, assuming they are still available. But it doesn't sound like that will happen any time soon.

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