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Bulluck and Schwartz are tight, but not on the same team this week

Former Titans outside linebacker Keith Bulluck doesn't think

Former Titans outside linebacker Keith Bulluck doesn't think he'll have trouble adjusting to playing middle linebacker with the Giants. Credit: Getty Images, 2009

To hear Keith Bulluck and Jim Schwartz go on and on about each other this week, it’s kind of a surprise that Bulluck is not wearing the No. 53 jersey for the Lions. They worked together in Tennessee – Schwartz was the linebackers coach when Bulluck arrived there and then was the defensive coordinator – before Schwartz left for the Lions job after the 2008 season.

When Bulluck blew out his knee late last season, he said Schwartz was one of the first people he heard from.

“He was definitely one of the first five people who sent me a text message when I got hurt,” Bulluck said. “As a matter of fact I think the day I got hurt or the day after, he and his staff were some of the first people to get in contact with me and tell me to keep pushing and keep my head up. The respect is always there.”

So was there ever any interest by the Lions once Bulluck became a free agent?

“When I was going through my process, my eyes were forward,” Bulluck said. “I didn’t reach out to anyone. I know my agent did and there was interest there, but we did what we did.”

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