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Bulluck knows his way around Albany, if not the Giants' playbook

Former Titans outside linebacker Keith Bulluck doesn't think

Former Titans outside linebacker Keith Bulluck doesn't think he'll have trouble adjusting to playing middle linebacker with the Giants. Credit: Getty Images, 2009

When you’ve been in the league as long as Keith Bulluck has, you’ve seen just about everything. But even this is a little ridiculous.

Because he grew up in Rockland County and went to college at Syracuse, Bulluck has a familiarity with the area here around Albany. In fact, he said today that two of his best friends from high school actually attended Albany and played on the football team here for a little while.

“I would come down when I had free time at Syracuse and hang out with them,” he said of visiting Albany. “I’ve actually eaten in this cafeteria before and been in these dorms we’re staying in, so it’s kind of funny.”

The surroundings may be somewhat familiar on campus, but for Bulluck it’s still a new situation being with a new team. That will take some getting used to. And a little bit of a role reversal from what he went through for a decade in Tennessee.

“In my past situations players had to adjust to me because I was the figurehead, I was the one that was always there,” he said. “So it was more about them learning the defense and whatever their learning curve was. I was the player that would help speed up the process for them just because I knew the defense inside and out. We’ll see. I’m sure there are plenty of guys here who are exited to help me and pick up my learning curve because they want me to be on the field with them.”


By the way, Bulluck was one of four players who did not participate in the conditioning test this morning. Coming off knee surgery, the Giants decided to hold him out and not have him test it on such a trivial rite of camp. But he did say he planned on practicing this afternoon.

I asked Bulluck if he has to make up the sprints at some point.

"No," he said, "but I’m prepared to do it if I need to."

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