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Bulluck would be kicking himself if his toe was up to the task

KEITH BULLUCK | Linebacker | New York Giants

KEITH BULLUCK | Linebacker | New York Giants
Signed 1-year deal with Giants after 10 years in Tennessee
The veteran outside linebacker joins a Giants defense that is retooling to avoid a lackluster 2009 performance. During the preseason, the Giants have experimented with him at MLB and OLB. All signs point to him starting after showing positive signs in the preseason after returning from ACL surgery. Credit: Jon Winslow

Keith Bulluck missed two games when he blew out his ACL, and that came after he didn’t miss a game for eight years. Now he’s on the verge of missing just as many games with an injury during his two-month Giants career as he did during his decade-long Titans career.

“I’m just in an odd place, someone that hasn't really missed too many practices and now it's falling into missing games,” Bulluck said. “I just battled back from my knee, and now it's something as simple as a toe that's keeping me out and not my knee. So it's very frustrating from my standpoint.”

Tom Coughlin all but ruled Bulluck out for the game against the Texans, but had hope of having him back for the game next week against the Lions. HE also said the medical staff was trying something new with Bulluck.

“It hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better,” Bulluck said of the turf toe injury. “I think that's where we're at with it. It hasn't gotten worse at all. It just hasn't gotten better, and I just have to make sure I stay on top of everything as far as with my toe and with my football studies, with my knee. It's just a lot. It's early in the season. It's a frustrating situation for me and I'm sure for the powers that be. I wasn't brought here to rehab all season, so I need to hurry up and speed up my recovery.”


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