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Burress in town for contract? Or closure?

According to reports, there is still a chance

According to reports, there is still a chance that Plaxico Burress winds up on the Giants this season. Credit: Getty Images

Jerry Reese's axiom about NFL personnel -- "never say never" -- appears to be in full effect as the Giants are planning to have conversations with Plaxico Burress today.

Yes, THAT Plaxico Burress. The one who caught the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII, derailed a chance for the team to repeat as champions the following fall when he shot himself in the leg, and was released from prison in June after serving almost two years for the incident. The one who said in an interview after his release from jail that he could never play for Tom Coughlin again. The one who will turn 34 in a few weeks and hasn't run an NFL route in nearly three years.

You may remember him.

So what's he doing visiting with the Giants?

It's still unclear how interested the Giants are in re-signing him and bringing him back to New York, although with Steve Smith's return from microfracture knee surgery causing some concern they could probably use a veteran to help the group.

My feeling is that both sides need a little bit of closure. Things happened so quickly when Burress left the team in 2008, there wasn't a chance to really digest it at the time. Now, a few years removed, both sides can revisit where things went wrong and remember the things that went so very right. Burress and Coughlin -- who as far as we know haven't communicated since the shooting incident -- can clear the air about a whole lot of things. And the Giants can satisfy their curiosity and see whether Burress has changed his ways from the authority-rejecting, rule-breaking headache that he was even before he ever walked into the Latin Quarter night club in Manhattan.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of these talks.

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