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Good Afternoon

Busted! Kiwi rats out players, coaches watching film from SB42

Eli Manning acted as if he’d never heard of the Super Bowl, nevermind won one. Justin Tuck scoffed at how much turnover the Giants and Patriots have had since they last played a meaningful game, even though that particular game was designated by Roman numerals. And the Patriots? They rarely talk about anything, so they had very little to say about the game four years ago in Glendale.

But Super Bowl XLII has never been far from anyone’s thoughts this week. And despite their assertions to the contrary, that game has been making its way into some film study as well.

“Personally, we’ve seen that film enough that we can just throw it on at a random point and most guys can tell you what will happen before the ball is even snapped,” Mathias Kiwanuka said. “The coaches said that they did (watch the film) and there were a couple of players who said that they did, especially if we’re playing something that was a similar coverage and try to see how Brady reacts. Obviously the pieces around him have changed but you can get an idea of how he reacts to certain things.”

One player no one will see when watching the Super Bowl win is Kiwanuka. He was on injured reserve for the second half of that season and said in 2008 that he felt a little left out. But in watching it this week and being surrounded by the memories of Super Bowl XLII, Kiwanuka said he’s not having any disappointment dredged up.

“That’s way in the past,” he said. “Definitely it carried over the next year but it’s been years since that. We’re not focused on what we did in the past, we’re trying to get another one.”

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