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Canty and Bradshaw show off their quicks

Ahmad Bradshaw flexes after scoring a second quarter

Ahmad Bradshaw flexes after scoring a second quarter touchdown. (Aug. 21, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

There were a few things I wanted to check out and re-watch on the game before commenting on them, and now that I’ve had a chance, well, I’ll go ahead and do it.

The first thing I wanted to note was how impressed I was by the athleticism and quickness of Chris Canty. I wrote last night about how one of the defensive tackles made a good play (see below on Rocky Bernard). Well, I thought Canty was very active. I was pretty shocked, even, to see him make a move to his right and then dive back to his left to tackle Rashard Mendenhall on the first series. I even teased him a little bit about that last night after the game, telling him how surprised I was to see him “look like a real athlete.” Barry Cofield also did a nice job combining with Canty on that particular tackle. Nice job by both.

The other thing I wanted to get another look at was Ahmad Bradshaw’s first series, which was the first of the second quarter and resulted in a touchdown. He made a few nice plays there, putting his head down and winning a battle against Ryan Clark for a few extra yards on a run up the middle, cutting back and inside James Harrison on the play he reversed field from right to left, and then scoring on the touchdown when the middle was a little too crowded for his tastes. Madison Hedgecock gave him the time to make that decision by holding up the middle, and then Kevin Boss held his block against Harrison on the left side for long enough to allow Bradshaw to get outside of him. Boss was blocking it like he was sealing Harrison off from the inside, which is where the play was supposed to go, but he did a good enough job that he didn’t allow Harrison to get free and contain Bradshaw.

That’s all for right now. Two quick glances. I’ll try to have a few more later. Right now I’m getting ready for the Tom Coughlin conference call. Can’t be late for that or, like Antrel Rolle and Bradshaw, I won’t get to start.

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