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Canty likely to show up on Tuesday

New York Giants Chris Canty prepares to sack

New York Giants Chris Canty prepares to sack Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in the first quarter. (Oct. 3, 2010) Photo Credit: David Pokress

Chris Canty was scheduled to fly back to New Jersey from his home in Charlotte on Tuesday. After Monday’s ruling in Minnesota that ended the lockout, he’s probably going to take an earlier flight and show up at the Timex Performance Center ready to get to work for the 2011 season.

That was the advice he received from his agent, Brad Blank.

“I don’t see the harm in it, to be honest,” Blank told Newsday on Monday evening. “A judge with proper authority has ruled the lockout illegal. I think those players with substantial workout bonuses [Canty’s is $250,000], there’s a good argument to be made that they should just go there tomorrow.

“They’ll be turned away,” Blank continued. “There’s not going to be a big confrontation, it’s just going to be ‘We’re not open for business, go home.’ But I think later down the line if there’s some sort of reversal of today’s decision it might bolster their opportunity to still recover their workout bonus.”

Blank said Canty has “not 100 percent decided” that’s what he’ll do. But since Canty was coming up here anyway, he might as well switch flights. Fifty dollar change fee for insurance on a quarter million dollar check? Yeah, that’s probably the wise move.

“Other than if someone is on vacation in a foreign country, if they’re going to be around anyway I don’t see why they wouldn’t just go show up and at least protect their rights basically,” Blank said.

Many believe that the stay of the injunction will not be granted and that the NFL will be back to work anyway under new rules ironed out in a week or two. If that’s the case, then the players with workout bonuses would get to start collecting theirs then. But if not, if there is a stay or if the ruling on Monday is overturned in appeal, then people like Canty who at least tried to get to work will have a basis to get their money.


In texts with two other Giants players I sensed less certainty about showing up. When I asked one guy if he was going to be at the Timex Performance Center on Tuesday he replied: “I have heard nothing. I am enjoying my time away.”

I asked another Giants player if he planned to go to work on Tuesday.

“I go to work everyday,” he wrote.

I rephrased it to see if he was showing up at the Timex Performance Center.

“Not sure.”


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