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Carr doing what he does best, "coaching up" Nassib

5/12/13 East Rutherford: New York Giants quarterbacks David

5/12/13 East Rutherford: New York Giants quarterbacks David Carr #8 and Ryan Nassib #9 talk as they wait to run drills at mini camp at the Timex Performance Center. East Rutherford, N.J. 5/12/13 photo by Joe Epstein Credit: Newsday Joe Epstein

We had a nice conversation with David Carr yesterday in which he spoke about the development of Ryan Nassib, reflected on his own NFL preseason debut, and talked about a number of other things.

Carr was very gracious in saying that he wanted to help Nassib succeed this preseason. It may sound odd, considering that Carr and Nassib are theoretically battling for roster spots against each other and if Nassib does very well it could mean the end of Carr as a Giant. But when you really think about what Carr’s purpose is during the season, it’s no surprise.

“I’ll be happy with whatever playing time I get and I’ll help whoever is in there,” Carr said. “That’s the key for me. What I’ve always done in the preseason in the last few years, the last six years really since I have not been starting, is (realize that) those guys who are in there, those guys are trying to make a team, they’re trying to get a job, they’re trying to do something that I’ve been blessed to do for the last 12 years. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that they know what they’re doing, that there’s no confusion, because that’s the worst thing that can happen in a preseason game.”

In other words, he’ll be doing to Nassib what the Giants want him to do with Eli Manning during the regular season. Being an extra set of eyes on the sideline for him. Going over things when he comes to the bench. Communicating and talking things out. Carr may be the backup quarterback, but with Manning that means most of the job is support and not competition.

That’s why Carr isn’t counting snaps in practices, nor will he be in Saturday’s game. The best way for him to take reps to simulate what he'll actually be doing in games this regular season is to be in Nassib's ear, guiding him along.

“I’ll get my series or two or we’ll see how it works and then he’ll be in there,” Carr said. “They want to see what he can do. I’m fine with that. I’ve been around long enough, I’ve known Coach Coughlin for a long time. They know what I can do and I’m just going to try to help some young guys and especially when he’s in try to coach him up and give him some advice. But he’ll play a lot.”

“It kind of ties in,” Carr said of helping Nassib as he would Manning. “When you’re out there coaching and trying to get guys (going), you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re going to do the right thing for the most part.”

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