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Carson knows what he wants

One of the most outspoken critics of the team in recent weeks knows what he’d like to see in a new coordinator. And no, I don’t mean John Mara.

“What I personally would like to see is someone who is aggressive, teaches fundamentals, and who is an assistant on a defense playing a very disciplined, aggressive brand of defense,” former Giants linebacker Harry Carson told Newsday today. “That is what I really didn’t see this year (from the Giants).”

He did say that he's just a former player and ultimately Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese and John Mara will have to decide what THEY want to see in a new defensive coordinator. But Carson also said that from what he watched this season, whoever the Giants hire will have his hands full.

“They fired the defensive coordinator, but the truth of the matter is he wasn’t out there not making the plays,” Carson said. “It was the guys who were out there making the big bucks. If you’re going to fire somebody, fire those guys.”

"You could see the poor tackling by the defense, especially in the secondary," he said. "I’d like to see better tackling. Obviously I’d like to see more pressure on the quarterback, not giving the quarterback a lot of time to throw the ball. You’d be able to get that from a coordinator, but sometimes it might just be the players."

Carson went on to note how things have changed in the NFL in a very short time.

“I played for coaches who, when they said something, you didn’t question it,” he said. “Now there are players who when you say something to them they might question it and might not do what they’re asked to do. Coordinators are being questioned by guys who really don’t know anything.”

He said that even a player like Michael Strahan, whom he has spoken to about this, notes a change after two years away from the game. “Strahan can tell you there is a difference between the mindsets,” Carson said.

Carson noted that when he played the final game of his NFL career after 13 seasons and nine Pro Bowls, he was learning up to the every last snap.

“There are some players who will probably say ‘I got it down’ or ‘I know what I’m doing’,” he said. “That’s not the case. You have to be physically and mentally ready to play the game. They need a different concept and attitude, especially defensively."

“That,” he added, “is part of the issue that somebody is going to deal with with this team.”

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