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Carson scolds Giants again for lack of pride

Former Giants linebacker and Hall of Famer Harry

Former Giants linebacker and Hall of Famer Harry Carson said on Tuesday: "I really didn't see a whole lot of pride" in Sunday's loss to Carolina. Credit: AP

Maybe we should start calling him Harangue Carson.

Former Giants linebacker and Hall of Famer Harry Carson continued to scold current members of the team after Sunday's listless performance against the Panthers that not only eliminated them from playoff contention but brought the curtain down on Giants Stadium with a thud.

After the game, Carson questioned the team's heart and pride. Tuesday, in an interview on "The Michael Kay Show" on 1050 ESPN, Carson stood by those comments . . . and took them further.

"I really didn't see a whole lot of pride," Carson said. "There were 78,000 people there that I think saw the same thing I saw. When you're closing up your stadium in front of your fans and a team comes in and gangster-slaps you in front of your fans, you should be angry. I didn't see that in these guys. And I was disappointed."

Players such as Terrell Thomas and Jeff Feagles agreed with Carson, but Tom Coughlin said the pride is not absent, just inconsistent. "We talk about New York Giant pride, we do know what it is," Coughlin said Monday. "Perhaps it hasn't been shown in all respects this year. Believe me, it's talked about and it is there."

But linebacker Michael Boley took issue with Carson's remarks. "It doesn't mean anything to me," he said Monday, adding that all criticism from the outside falls on "deaf ears," even the criticism from one of the franchise's all-time greats. "We don't care who it is," Boley said.

Carson was aware of Boley's comments. "I wasn't attacking any particular player," he said. "But if the shoe fits, wear it. If they are offended by what I say, so be it. When you're a football player and you don't put up the fight you need to put up in the last game at Giants Stadium, there's something wrong with that picture."

"They can say what they want to say. I didn't miss any tackles on Sunday. I didn't go out and wallow around. They need to look at themselves in the mirror. What they showed on Sunday, it was embarrassing. It was embarrassing for all the former players."

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