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Changes add excitement, says Giants co-owner Steve Tisch

Steve Tisch, chairman and executive vice president of

Steve Tisch, chairman and executive vice president of the Giants, stands on the sideline during warmups before the start of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. (Oct. 27, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

ORLANDO, Fla. - Steve Tisch said going 7-9 in 2013 was "a downer," but it did give the Giants an impetus to rebuild.

"When something is a little broken, you have an opportunity to fix it," the team's co-owner said at the NFL owners' meetings Monday. "Everybody at the top levels of ownership, coaching staff and our GM realized we have to go for it. This is an opportunity, let's take advantage of it. Refocus, do some restructuring, make some changes."

That's certainly what the Giants have done this offseason, with a steady flow of players and coaches coming and going. All of that change has infused the Giants with an excitement that Tisch said is palpable.

"You can feel it," he said, adding that the optimism exists not only inside the walls of the team's facility but outside. "We talk about fan engagement, I think we've taken a really strong step forward with our free-agency signings."

Tisch gave general manager Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin solid votes of confidence that they can turn the Giants around after 2013's disappointment.

"I think the way Jerry Reese has performed during free agency is he's always looking for value," Tisch said. "I think he has a great eye for matching free agents, their talent, and the needs of the New York Giants. I think this season has been an unusually strong example of that because of the amount of players we've brought in at this point."

As for Coughlin, Tisch said he's the "best coach in the league" and the only one he would trust to mold all of those new pieces together into one Giants team.

"[With] a lot of new faces and a lot of new players and a new locker room, I think Tom Coughlin is the guy to get some rookies and some of our new players to really understand how the New York Giants perform as a team, how he wants his locker room to operate, and I think he is the best guy to accept this challenge," Tisch said.

The big spending period in free agency may have ended, but the Giants aren't through with their renovations.

"With the draft coming up in May, it's going to be the next wave of how to build the Giants to become even stronger this season and going forward," Tisch said.

Of course, that means saying goodbye to some people who helped bring two Super Bowl championships to the Giants. There are only four players left from the Super Bowl XLII team, a number that Tisch said was "a dramatic statistic" but not all that surprising.

"It's the nature of the business," he said. "It's the way business is run and things change, you have to move on, you can't look back, you have to look forward. I think this is the season we're certainly doing that."

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