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Chris Snee has one word for Justin Pugh: Plastics

Mike Nichols' 1967 comedy-drama about an aimless college

Mike Nichols' 1967 comedy-drama about an aimless college kid (Dustin Hoffman) and a middle-class cougar (Anne Bancroft) is filled with iconic scenes, but it's the stunning finale -- just two lines in perhaps 10 seconds -- that will resonate forever. Credit: MGM

Chris Snee wants to say one word to Justin Pugh. Just one word. Is he listening?

One word: Plastics.

No, it’s not a recreation of the famous scene from “The Graduate.” In fact, it has more to do with being a freshman than being a graduate. Because Snee and others plan on dipping into Pugh’s first-round draft pick spoils.

“Pugh, if you are reading this, get a credit card,” Snee told

The veteran offensive linemen are already preparing menus for Pugh to supply. While Eli Manning was coy and talked around any type of paying of dues or hazing that will initiate new quarterback Ryan Nassib, the linemen seem to have no qualms about discussing Pugh’s role.

“I think we have actually gotten softer as the years have gone along,” Snee said. “Listen, we will be there. We will help him with any question that he has. Despite as grumpy as I look sometimes, I’m always willing to help guys. Young guys around here know that now. That being said, he has to be on his toes because he is a rookie. He should make sure he has a credit card. We have had rookies come in here and claim they don’t have credit cards right away.

“In my rookie year I had to buy pizza on Fridays and breakfast on Saturday. Now we don’t do either. But we will find ways to make sure that plastic works.”

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