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Chris Snee: Tom Coughlin still has 'desire' to be NFL head coach

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reacts during a

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reacts during a game against the Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 in East Rutherford, N.J. Credit: Jim McIsaac

The person who knows the two facets of Tom Coughlin the best -- as a football coach and as a family man -- said there is no doubt that he wants to return in 2015 and that there shouldn't be any doubt that he will.

That person is Chris Snee, Coughlin's one-time Pro Bowl guard and now full-time son-in-law. Snee, who retired at the start of the season, spoke to a small group of reporters in the tunnels of MetLife Stadium after Sunday's 34-26 loss to the Eagles that may or may not figure into Coughlin's future.

Just moments earlier, Coughlin had played coy when asked about his desire to come back if he's wanted. Snee said there is no such hesitation.

"Absolutely," Snee said when asked if Coughlin still has the desire to be an NFL head coach. "I've said for the past couple of years he's going to coach longer than I played. He still has the same energy, the same passion I saw several years go. The fact he still has control of this team, I thought that was evident based on this stretch run. Guys didn't give up."

Snee chalked up Coughlin's public hesitation to being upset over the day's result.

"He would do that," Snee said of the non-committal response. "I think for right now he's still just disappointed with the loss. He's a day-to-day guy. I'm sure the discussions will happen soon, but he's not going to think about that now. He's more disappointed that they lost a home game to the Philadelphia Eagles."

Snee said he's not surprised that Coughlin still has the ear of the team, even though he sometimes uses dated phrases (like "long-playing album" which he trotted out on Sunday). Tiki Barber earlier this year said he thought Coughlin had lost the team.

"I can see how players respond to him," Snee said. "They love playing for him. He's not a players' coach, but guys respect him and respect his philosophies and everything about him. Considering all the young guys who were forced to play and those young guys responded to him it doesn't surprise me at all. That's why when a guy like Tiki Barber comes out and says an idiotic comment the way he did I just laughed it off because I knew the guys loved playing for him."

The players said as much yesterday after the game.

"I look at Coach Coughlin as a dad," defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said. "He's a good coach. The way he runs things around here is very respectful. Guys respect that. You need somebody like that on the team. Otherwise, it would be chaos. Coach Coughlin is a very good coach. I'm pretty sure he is going to be back next year."

Snee thinks so too, although he knows it's up to owner John Mara and the rest of the front office to decide it.

"If I was making the call, yes," he said when asked if Coughlin should be back. "Everything I've said standing here is that there's no better football coach out there. Tell me who you're going to bring in that's a better coach than he is? He has complete command of this team. Guys enjoy him. They love playing for him."

Perhaps they'll get another opportunity to do so.

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