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Clint Sintim recovers nicely

You know that scene in “The Waterboy” when the kicker is going down the line, looking in the eyes of opposing players, asking himself “Who’s my ---?”

Well, last night, Clint Sintim was the ---.

“I was hoping they weren’t coming at me,” Sintim said after the game, which he helped seal by recovering an onsides kick in the final minute. “I wasn’t really even supposed to be on (the field). Gerris (Wilkinson) got hurt and they just told me I was on it. I was like ‘Okay, whatever.’ I said ‘Who do I block and where do I line up?’ He told me and I went to go block him and the ball hit my foot. I felt it hit my foot and I just ran after it.

Sintim said he saw the ball coming at him, a line drive that ricocheted back towards the Cowboys. Gulp!

“After it hit me I just made a mad dash for it,” he said. “I was hoping. Once it hit me, I was like ‘It’s going to be my fault if they get it. It hit my foot.’

“I was thinking before the play, I was like ‘Look, if this ball hits me and I don’t get it, it’s my fault. I’ll give them a chance to win the game.’ Nobody wants that on their shoulders. So as soon as it hit me I just hauled to go get it. I curled up in a fetal position and I wasn’t going to let anybody else touch it.”

Wilkinson, by the way, broke a bone in his left hand and was in a cast for the second half of the game. He said he could have returned, but for most of the second half the Giants were in firm control and there was no need. And when it came time to cover the onsides kicks at the end, well, Wilkinson would have been no use on the “hands” team with a big club on his left hand.

Wilkinson said he’ll probably need to have a cast on the hand for 2-3 weeks and that he’ll be able to play with it. He said he was told that he will not need surgery.


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