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Cofield joins Osi in urging LeBron James to stay put

We interrupt this football blog to bring you yet another basketball item.

Earlier this week, Osi Umenyiora posted a message on the Internet suggesting that LeBron James should stay in Cleveland. Well, it turns out he’s not the only defensive lineman who thinks that. Barry Cofield was asked where he thinks James will wind up.

“Hopefully in Cleveland,” he said. “There’s no better place in the world.”

Cofield, it should be pointed out, was born and raised in Cleveland. So he has a bit of a bias in this situation. But he also has a bit of insight as well. Not that it’s helping him any.

“I know people close to him and I’ve heard different things from different people,” Cofield said. “I don’t think anyone knows what he’s going to do but him, and I don’t even think he knows at this point.”

Unlike Umenyiora, who suggested that LeBron should stay away from the harsh spotlight of New York, Cofield did finally give in and admit that having James in New York (or the New York area, let’s not forget the Nets) would be exciting.

“Obviously I’m a Cleveland guy but if he does get the honor of coming to play on this stage, that would be great for him,” said Cofield (who, by the way, was wearing a red Yankees cap). “I’ll be happy for him either way. Anyone who plays here enjoys it. We have great fans, very passionate, and it’s a great situation.”

As far as Cofield’s situation, I’ll post more on that in a few minutes. But I did jokingly ask Cofield to clarify if LeBron James is a restricted free agent this offseason.

“No,” he said, “he’s a real free agent.”

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