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Cofield: May be time to move on

FILE - Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield.

FILE - Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield. Credit: AP

 In an interview Wednesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, hosts Bryan McGovern and Gil Brandt spoke with New York Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield about his impending free agency and his future with the team. Here’s a transcript of the interview, in which Cofield discusses the uncertainty about his future with the Giants.
Gil Brandt: “Did they offer you a contract [when they had the opportunity]?”
Barry Cofield: “No, the Giants have never offered me a formal contract. We’ve talked, and they’ve given me a lot of different reasons, like I said, because of the uncertainty with the labor climate and then, you know, after my third year I had a major knee surgery so there’s been a lot of reasons behind it but, you know, it’s a results oriented business and if I don’t perform that’s all people care about. They don’t want to hear about the labor pains they just want to see the baby. So the fact of the matter is they haven’t offered me a contract, we never negotiated and, you know, my goal, since I’ve had such success with the Giants, has always been to be a Giant. People ask me, where do I envision myself? Every time I close my eyes I only can see myself as number 96 for the Giants. That’s really the only thing I can envision but at the same time I understand the reality of it. I understand there’s dollars and cents and numbers and rosters and all kinds of things that go into every team’s decisions. So I’ve enjoyed my time with the Giants but I understand that realistically there’s a great chance that I could be one of our Giants free agents that would end up moving.”
Bryan McGovern: “If it’s something where it’s close and the Giants say, ‘Look, Barry, we want you back, here’s the deal,’ but say the Browns, your hometown team, come after you? Or maybe, there’s been some rumors that the Redskins want Barry Cofield. If it’s close what would be the deciding factor? I know there’s a close bond between the Giants defensive lineman, guys like you and [Justin] Tuck and Osi [Umenyiora] and this is a very talented defensive line but, like you said, you look at the numbers and there’s other guys here, they drafted a defensive tackle back to back years in the second round now. What ultimately do you think will be the deciding factor when it comes down to it?”
Cofield: “You know, that’s hard to say. If the numbers really were close I feel like I’d definitely be inclined to stay. You know, I’m not trying to envision it being that way just based on what I’ve been hearing. And, like you said, based on the guys that we do have on our D-line, the other free agents we have, the money they have tied up at the defensive tackle position, you know, I have a hard time envisioning them being able to offer the same type of deal that a team that’s starving for a D tackle or a team that just has a lot of money to spend could offer. But, you know, honestly if it were close, why uproot your family? Why change everything that you know and you love? Like you mentioned, our D-line, we’re a close-knit group, we play well together and we’ve had a lot of success. So you don’t want to change that just for no reason. But, realistically, in this league rosters turn over. There’s no guarantee that if I sign with the Giants to stay with my teammates and my friends that some of those guys won’t be changing teams in a week or a year from that day. So you really have to just do what’s best for you financially. You only get a short window to play this game, it’s very dangerous and then the contracts are one sided, they’re not guaranteed. They can cut you anytime so you have to do what’s best for yourself and your family and your financial future. So that’s going to come first and after that obviously there’s a special place in my heart for the Giants and Big Blue.”

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