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Cooper Taylor an "enigma" at safety

When Cooper Taylor walks into a locker room, people sometimes try to guess his position.

“I get a lot of quarterback, I get a lot of tight end,” the Giants’ fourth-round draft pick said today. “When I tell them safety I usually get a second look.”

Not only is Taylor unusually tall for the position – he’s a little over 6-4 – but he’s also white. There aren’t a lot of white defensive backs in the NFL if you haven’t noticed.

“I’m definitely kind of an enigma for the position,” Taylor said. “Not a whole lot of guys like me.”

His race aside, Taylor is hoping his height will make him a commodity in the NFL.

“I think that plays to my advantage the way the league is going with as many tight ends as there are and as many offenses as there are,” he said. “I think there’s a spot for a little bit bigger safety. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill that role.”

He’s also aware of the Giants’ use of a three-safety look.

“I feel like I could help in that,” he said.

With his size and speed, he just might.

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